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DENVER — United Airlines Pilot Andrew Collins has been suspended after being arrested for indecent exposure at Denver Airport’s Westin Hotel.

According to the police report, airport employees saw Collins touching himself while he was in his 10th floor hotel room in September.

The Problem Solvers went to the airport Tuesday to see how easy it was to see inside a tenth floor window.

It turns out it is pretty easy.

FOX31 Reporter Joe St George stood in the 10th floor of a rented room while photojournalist Chris Mosher asked airport passengers if they could see him.

“You can see everything from down here,” Paige Hadd, a passenger, said.

But is being naked in your room a crime?


“The crime of indecent exposure is not committed if someone happens to see your private parts,” Chris Decker, a FOX31 legal analyst said.

Decker said in order to be charged Collins would have “knowingly” exposed himself. Prosecutors may have a difficult time proving that considering privacy is often expected while renting a room. Collins has admitted he was naked but he denied touching himself as airport employees told police.

“If you don’t know you’re exposing yourself to others it is simply not a criminal act,” Decker said.