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The African American Film Festival will be taking place from Oct 6-10th live from Colorado.

Run&Shoot Filmworks is hosting a combined two-part live and virtual festival beginning on October 6-10 in partnership with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio (live festival and studio movie viewing location) and Facebook (stream original content, discussions and films virtually).

The proceeds from the festival will benefit the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio in honor of their 50th Anniversary. This year’s festival aims to align with the current issues at the forefront focused on a “Social Justice Series” that will bring original content from amazing storytellers to an audience eager to connect and push the boundaries of broader thinking and awareness to have a more significant impact.

Live In-person festival at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance -119 Park Ave W. – Denver, CO 80205 Tickets cost $15 purchased online at – only 40 tickets will be available per film. Masks required and social distancing will be practiced. Screening times begin at 7:00p (Mountain Time)