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DENVER (KDVR) — Drive-up COVID-19 testing is now available at all AFC Urgent Care Denver facilities by appointment only. Everyone is eligible but required to be evaluated by a doctor via video while waiting in their car.

“Due to recent studies, there is high percentage of patients that are infected and are asymptomatic. Therefore, we are offering the testing to anyone that may have had exposure in the past 14 days even if they don’t show symptoms,” Steve Vaulton of AFC Urgent Care Denver stated via email.

“Hopefully that way we can help the community with the reducing the spread of the virus.”

Under the CARES Act, all insurance providers must not charge for COVID-19 testing. For the uninsured, a cash pay visit to the doctor for evaluation to get tested is $99. The patient will be billed separately from the lab for an additional $50 – 100.

“In order to reduce the spread of the virus, we will test the patients while sitting in their cars,” Voulton said.

“The patient will be evaluated by our nurses and our doctors to make sure that they are in stable condition and don’t need to be admitted to the emergency room due to their conditions.”

Across all facilities, the capacity for testing is about 200 total per day. They are using LabCorp, Quest and some other local and out of state labs with a turnaround of 2 – 4 business days.

To find a facility closest to you, check out their site.