DENVER, (KDVR) — Evacuations were lifted in the town of Hayden after early-season flooding on Thursday.

That flooding forced CDOT to close U.S. 40 as debris built up in culverts and under bridges.

Mark Olson lives along Dry Creek, which overflowed Thursday morning.

“I was just like ‘Wow, this is crazy.'” he said. “You could see the water just moving, and logs, and chunks of ice.” 

Olson launched his drone, capturing aerial footage of the water closing within just feet of his back fence.

“I thought that creek can’t have that much water,” he said. “Next thing I know, it just kept coming and coming.”

Town Manager Mathew Mendisco said some damage has been reported, with water damage to a handful of basements and some ground-level homes.

He said that water is now receding, and evacuations have been lifted.

The flooding is unusual for this time of year, but Mendisco said they were prepared following historic snowfall. 

“We’ve been having this conversation about melting, and we’ve been preparing for it,” he said. “That’s why we had a sandbag station that’s why we had a lot of things in place already.”

He said it’s likely just the beginning of what his community will experience this spring and summer.

“I’m worried about the coming months, for sure,” he said.

Olson said he’s optimistic the moisture will ultimately be a good thing, but hopes it doesn’t get any closer than it did Thursday.

“I think we’re okay,” he said. “but I guess we’ll see.”