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DENVER — When Initiative 300 passed in Denver last November, it was being hailed as a significant milestone for expanded canibus consumption.

At the time, supporters believed marijuana could soon be used in coffee shops, restaurants and bars, and even yoga studios throughout the city.

But as Denver prepares to finalize regulations regarding Initiative 300, some of the people behind the campaign are growing frustrated with the city.

“Right now the way the rules have evolved they have become so restrictive,”  Emmett Reistroffer, campaign director for Initiative 300 said in an interview.

Reistroffer’s frustration is with how far the city is going to separate alcohol and marijuana — to the point that even an event space could not shut down its bar for the night to host a canibus event — they would have to completely suspend their license.

“Entertainment venues that serve alcohol will not be able to get canibus permits even on days they are not serving alcohol because the rules are so broad,” Reistroffer said.

Reistroffer fears as a result only coffee shops and yoga studios — places that traditional don’t have alcohol licenses — will qualify.

Mutiny Cafe on Broadway is considering to be one of the first venues Reistroffer said.

“There was a lot of issues to hash through and people have strong feelings on both sides,” Dan Rowland, a spokesman with the City of Denver said.

Rowland says the City’s proposed set of regulations is online and feedback is currently being received.

The rules will be adopted sometime after a June 13th public meeting.