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BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — An adult cow moose was relocated after crashing into a Breckenridge home Friday morning, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Geneve Nguyen, a guest of the homeowner, was sleeping in a basement bedroom with her young daughter when they were awakened by the sound of an exterior window breaking.

“I just see this big figure. There’s lots of noise. I can hear myself screaming,” Nguyen said.

The homeowner then called police, believing someone was breaking into the home.

“I just instinctively grabbed her,” Nguyen said, referring to her daughter.

However, when police arrived, they discovered an adult cow moose had crashed through a basement window and into the home. Police then called CPW.

“It appeared that the moose had been walking around outside the house in deep snow when it fell into a window well, then crashed through the window into a basement bedroom,” said Elissa Slezak, district wildlife manager with CPW, in a press release issued Friday afternoon.

Credit: CPW

When CPW officers arrived, the moose was calm and uninjured by the fall or broken glass. Wildlife officers then tranquilized the moose and moved it up a tight staircase and into a trailer with the help of police and firefighters.

The moose was then taken to “prime moose habitat” in Grand County.

Nguyen and her daughter had a few minor scratches.

“Aside from the broken window, a few minor cuts and the initial shock to the homeowners, this situation went about as well as it could have,” Slezak said. “Both the people inside the house and the moose made it out without any major injuries.”

CPW recommended homeowners put grates over below-grade window wells to prevent wildlife from falling inside.

On Sunday, a young bull moose was rescued after falling into a window well in Keystone.