Adams County resident complains of squirrels damaging car

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. — A woman in Adams County says squirrels have caused significant damage to her car.

Over the past week, Tabatha Atencio says squirrels have chewed through wires on her car twice and chewed through a wall to get into her garage.

As a result, she has had to take her car into the repair shop where mechanics told her the rodents are attracted to what’s under the hood.

“That a lot of the cars are being made with soy-based plastic that goes around the wires and the tubing. And so, they like soy and it’s kind of sweet to them and they’ll eat it,” Atencio said.

She adds at least one other neighbor has had their car targeted.

Atencio has called a couple of pest control companies, but they’re backlogged for the summer. Moreover, squirrels were not caught in a trap she set up.

A spokesman for Adams County Animal Control says they will typically point residents to the state or a “private vendor” for small wildlife issues.

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