Actress sues entertainment site $1 million for posting her real age

Junie Hoang's IMDb page shows her real age, and that's a violation of her privacy, she says. (Photo:

Junie Hoang’s IMDb page shows her real age, and that’s a violation of her privacy, she says. (Photo:

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( Can Hollywood handle the truth — about an actress’s age?

According to, a trial now under way in Seattle is seeking to answer that question in the case of a sexy 41-year-old B-movie performer who is suing a popular film Web site for ruining her dreams of stardom by publicizing her true age.

Junie Hoang says she has been struggling for years to make it to the top in Tinseltown, with little luck.

After nearly two decades in the business, her biggest roles were in films such as “Zombie Postwoman in Z: A Zombie Musical.”

Hoang claims that all hope of putting such low-grade fare behind her and joining the A-list ended when the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Web site violated her privacy and posted her real age on its site.

In her $1 million suit — which is being heard this week — Hoang claims discrimination is so bad in Hollywood that hiding one’s age is vital.

“In the entertainment industry, youth is king,” she said in her civil complaint. “If one is perceived to be ‘over-the-hill,’ i.e. approaching 40, it is nearly impossible for an up-and-coming actress . . . to get work.”

Though IMDb has conceded it used Hoang’s subscriber information to discover her real age, it argues that the truth should trump all of Hoang’s claims.

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