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The Republican National Convention had a lot of people making political jabs, and now some of them have actor Jason Biggs in trouble.

The actor best known for the American Pie movies voices a character in the re-boot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is set to debut on Nickelodeon later this month.

Biggs recently tweeted some lewd remarks about vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife, and parents weren’t pleased.

“I thought they were probably not appropriate considering he’s representing children now on a children’s network,” said Mara Garbs.

“I’m shocked that he’s even on Nickelodeon after doing American Pie and stuff like that,” said Brittany Contreraz.

Nickelodeon directs fans to Biggs’ personal twitter page where he regularly uses the f-word, talks about male body parts, and more. Angry parents began calling on businesses to stop supporting Nickelodeon, including the Colorado Rockies. The team was planning a Nickelodeon day later this month but sent out this tweet of its own:

“The Colorado Rockies have communicated to the Nickelodeon network that we will not be doing a promotion in the 2012 season.”

“It’s not American Pie that he’s on anymore, he’s representing little children,” Garbs said. “So yes, he needs to be a grown up and act appropriately.”

Nickelodeon issued a response saying it was a mistake to link to Biggs’ personal Twitter account. And they insisted he use better judgment and discretion in public communications.

Biggs’ offensive tweets about Paul Ryan have since been deleted. We are not sharing the content of them here because they are very inappropriate. One tweet sent from Biggs’ wife involved a joke about Biggs committing statutory rape on young children.