Arkansas River Outfitters Association (AROA) members once again welcome the launch of the innovative Voluntary Flow Management Program (VFMP), slated to begin July 1, 2022.

The VFMP better manages water release on the Arkansas River to meet multiple needs on the river, including recreational boating and fishery health. Each year, the VFMP is active through Aug. 15, allowing for some commercial rafting outfitters to extend their season into September; a novelty for outfitters that operate on other Colorado rivers that rely solely on snowpack to determine the length of the season.

The VFMP not only provides additional trip opportunities for visitors and revenues for outfitters, but positively impacts local communities with extended infusion of monies into local economies beyond a traditional rafting season.

The Arkansas River Outfitters Association has provided whitewater rafting adventures for more than 40 years and consists of knowledgeable, experienced and certified professionals, dedicated to offering world-class outdoor recreation.

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