Research has shown the health and wellness benefits of participating in sports at a young age, yet many children are force to quit because of affordability.

Allen McGrill the President and Coach at Pirate Youth Sports says that sponsorships platform like LeagueSide and DIRECTV helps his players stay in the game.

During the Fall 2022 season, Pirate Youth Sports are fortunate to receive a DIRECTV sponsorship through brand sponsorship company, LeagueSide, to help their softball program! In the past few years, the costs of sports equipment, maintenance and other fees have increased, making it difficult for leagues like Pirate Youth Sports to operate and provide their kids with the best experiences. The program rely on these types of sponsorships to keep the leagues moving forward and provide opportunity for their kids.

By working with LeagueSide and DIRECTV, programs like Pirate Youth Sports will be able to purchase necessary equipment for the fields, purchase jerseys, important maintenance projects and provide the kids with coaches! Many of these youth programs are strictly volunteer-based, so these sponsorships allow them to bring in professionals to coach the kids, buy new balls and pay for sports professionals to come in.

At Pirates Youth Sports, they believe every kid should have the opportunity to play no matter their income and they’re very proud to work with both DIRECTV and LeagueSide to help provide more kids in the community the ability to participate in youth activities.