A new exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science that features all things slow


“Survival of the Slowest” takes its time in Denver starting October 22nd in the new traveling exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

In the Survival of the Slowest, you’ll meet live animals such as a two-toed sloth, a green iguana, a spur-thighed tortoise, a hedgehog and several other species that manage to thrive in a world where large, strong and fast animals are often at the top of the food chain.

Through this exhibition, you’ll explore how being slow and other unexpected adaptations have their advantages. 

What: Survival of the Slowest: Counterintuitive Adaptations
When (day and time): Run dates: Oct. 22, 2021 – Jan 2. 2022
Where: Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Cost: Free with General Admission

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