A new eating disorder treatment expands into Colorado


Equip, a telehealth company founded to provide eating disorder treatment online for children, adolescents and young adults is now expanding into Colorado.

With this expansion, Equip is bringing its clinically proven treatment model called FBT to the state, which provides a 5-person care team and real, meaningful recovery (60% of patients meet weight restoration goals and see a reduction of eating disorder symptoms by 4 weeks) to patients who need it.

COVID has had a big impact on eating disorders, and Equip is tackling this head on. Their treatment method (FBT) means that adolescents and young adults struggling with eating disorders get help via a 5-person treatment team and their community around them, for more effective results (60% of patients see reduction of eating disorder symptoms by 4 weeks). Plus, they’re all telehealth, so they’re increasing access to quality providers (did you know that just 27% of the need for these providers is actually being met?) and creating an alternative model to the pricey, ineffective in-patient recovery model.

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