With the advent of the digital age, children today are starting to feel more and more isolated.  Mix it up with the worldwide pandemic taking center stage, and it has become a recipe for disaster. According to the CDC, a staggering 24% increase in kids going to the pediatrics for mental health issues between the ages of 5-11 has caused some worry. With these new changes, kids are starting to lose basic social skills such as kindness and empathy and this has started to become a problem, but it can be solved. 
Children’s author, Emmy-award-winning news anchor, and reporter, Janet Zappala has seen much of these antics and wants to groom children at a tender age to be kind, empathetic, and see the beauty in everyone – especially those who may look different. 

In her new book “Guapo’s Giant Heart,” she introduces young readers to Guapo and explores how despite his large appearance, he’s really quite gentle and kind. The book motivates kids to lean into one another despite differences and appreciate everyone. The animals in the story are all based on real-life characters and Guapo and his friends are currently living at the Coachella Horse Rescue. A portion of the proceeds from every book sale also benefits that amazing cause.