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THORNTON, Colo. — A man trimming trees in Thornton who was injured by a chainsaw Thursday afternoon has died from his injuries, according to a spokesperson with St. Anthony Hospital n Lakewood.

Authorities dispatched a medical helicopter to the 9200 block of High Street in Thornton in an effort to save the man’s life.

Some of the accounts of the incident might be considered graphic for some readers.

The man was stuck in a tree just behind a home. Witnesses described injuries to his arm and midsection as severe. Much of what happened in the tree is a bit of a mystery to the public and news media. Authorities in Thornton remained mum on details.

“I heard somebody screaming hit me, hit me again,” neighbor Ron Miller said. “I assumed they were down there fighting.”

Whether it was a fight or a tragic accident– witnesses say a chainsaw was involved. A medical helicopter was needed to get the injured man to a hospital.

Neighbors say the man was very loud. People could hear the injured tree trimmer from down the street yelling out in pain. Native Tree Service had been busy at the property for most of the day where the injuries were sustained, according to neighbors.

FOX31 attempted to reach Native Tree Service for comment.

The man’s name has not been released.