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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver saw some wild weather in 2021 with most months breaking at least some type of weather record.

Looking through the data, the first half of the year was wet and cold in the city. February was the 11th coldest month on record and March brought 34 inches of snow to Denver International Airport.

Spring continued the wet and cool trend with over a foot of snow in April and nearly 4 inches of precipitation in May, mostly in the form of rain.

In June, the tables started to turn for the city as dry and warm weather took over for the rest of the year. June 2021 ended up being the 13th warmest on record with three days in a row hitting at or over 100 degrees.

July was the ninth warmest and driest on record, while August ended as the fourth warmest and 12th driest.

September didn’t break any warm or dry records, but Denver only saw .28 inches of precipitation that month and had 23 out of 30 days at or over 80 degrees.

The last three months of the year were just as extreme, October ended as the eighth driest on record. November ended as the third warmest, ninth driest, and second with the least snow on record.

In December, the month ended as the 12th warmest and Denver saw its latest first snow on record on Dec. 10.

Five out of the last seven months in Denver were in the top 15 warmest on record. Four out of the last six months in Denver finished in the top 15 driest on record.