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DENVER (KDVR) — The state has vaccinated 2/3 of a Coloradans over 70, a new batch of Johnson & Johnson shots is on the way to the Coloradans not among the 1.3 million already dosed up, and Jefferson and Broomfield counties are in the gentler Level Blue section of the state’s COVID-19 dial.

If things keep up, maybe Coloradans will even get to see a show or a game this year.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre has a lineup for the spring beginning April 23, but the extent to which Coloradans can call it a true Red Rocks concert will vary according to health metrics at the time.

Fortunately, large venues can still carry a hefty amount of nightlife.

Of the available 9,525 seats at Red Rocks, only 1,429 would be available if the venue caps its attendance to 15% of capacity. This would almost match the Ogden Theater’s entire 1,600-person capacity.

That goes up to 2,381 at 25% (Coors Field’s Rock Pile holds 2,300) and 4,762 at 50%, just shy of Breckenridge’s population or the student body at the Colorado School of Mines.

The Colorado Rockies baseball season would look similarly slim.

The graph above shows 1/10 scale representation of the baseball field.

At 15% capacity, Coors Field can fit 7,600 Coloradans into seats – about the entire population of Aspen.

That goes up to 12,600 for 25% and 25,200 for 50% – which would more than accommodate every man, woman and child in Golden.

Ball Arena’s 20,000 seats will allow 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 seats at 15%, 25% or 50% capacity.