Cyndi Bray is the founder of Wad-Free for bed sheets, a device to help wash and dry those bed sheets a little easier.

Cyndi invented the Wad-Free after struggling for many years with wadding sheets in the washer and dryer. The Wad-Free is a tab with four corners where you attached the sheets before putting them in the washing machine. The device is designed to keep the sheets wad-free!

The drought in the west continues to worsen and water shortages in Colorado and throughout the western states are becoming dire. As summer temperatures heat up the Denver area, it may be tempting to use more water to keep lawns and gardens green, cool off in a backyard pool and wash the car in the driveway. But conserving water has never been more important.

Drying on hot doesn’t make your clothes dry any faster. Washing on low is best and make sure you dry back to back loads so the dryer stays warm between loads and doesn’t waste energy heating back up.
Easy laundry tips to reduce your energy bill:
   – use cold water in the washer
   – use a low heat dryer setting 
   – use Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets when laundering your sheets
        – Wad-Free® is the first-ever product that solves the wasteful and annoying bed sheet wadding problem 
       – Wad-Free® saves time, money, and energy 
             – you can run larger loads, that dry faster, without having to untangle them
             – Wad-Free® is made in Colorado