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WARNING: The call included in the video includes some audio that some listeners might find disturbing.

LONGMONT, Colo. — Two lives intersected in the most unfortunate way when a woman was attacked in Longmont on Wednesday. Many are saying Michelle Wilkins may not have survived had it not been for the dispatcher who stayed on the phone with her until help arrived.

Beth Kemper, a Longmont 911 Dispatcher, received the call Wednesday afternoon.

“She had an oddly strong will to survive,” Kemper said of Wilkins.

Wilkins had just been stabbed by another woman. Authorities say Dynel Lane cut a fetus from Wilkins’ stomach.

“She got me in the stomach,” Wilkins said in a 911 recording.

“She got you in the stomach?” Kemper replied.

“Uh huh. I’m pregnant.” Wilkins added.

Immediately, Kemper sent help.

During the nearly 7 minute long phone call, Kemper told Wilkins to stay awake. She asked her several questions and urged her to find a cloth to stop the bleeding.

“I’m honored she trusted me enough to live and that I was the person to help her,” Kemper said.

A vigil is scheduled for Wilkins and her baby this Sunday at 8pm at Loomiller Park in Longmont.

LISTEN: 911 phone call from victim (Warning: Some listeners might be troubled by the call)

This story is by FOX31 Denver Reporter Kevin Torres