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PLATTEVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — As the economic effects of COVID-19 hit a Weld County family farm, one young family member found a way to keep the business running.

Miller Farms has been around since the 1940s. When the pandemic hit, Joe and Chris Miller almost lost their family’s farm. Their parents,  Roy and Dorothy Miller, originally purchased the land in 1949.

Thanks to Joe’s 9-year-old son, Drew, the farm started a new venture. Just when hope was lost, Drew suggested delivering the farm’s fruits and vegetables to customers directly.  

According to Joe, “He was thinking about like, locally, people in town. I think we did take some bags to people we knew in Platteville. And, it kind of went from there. We put it out where we would deliver to the Front Range basically.”

Joe and Chris took over the farm’s family responsibilities in 1992. Due to COVID-19, they’ve had to reinvent the way they conduct business.  

With their expanded service, they’ll deliver from Colorado Springs, in the south, all the way up north to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for $20 a bag.