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DENVER — From Washington to Denver, sexual harassment complaints are dominating politics.

We have reported extensively for weeks regarding allegations of harassment involving four state lawmakers, now we are getting some insight into sexual harassment complaints involving state employees.

Rep. Steve Lebsock, Rep. Paul Rosenthal, Sen. Randy Baumgardner, and Sen. Jack Tate have all been accused.

After filing several open records request, we have learned that 62 complaints have been filed against state employees since 2013. That averages out to about one complaint per month.

“Is the state concerned with that number?” FOX31 political reporter asked Doug Platt, spokesman with the Department of Personnel and Administration.

“We are always concerned when we get complaints,” Platt said.

But Platt also implied the number is not overwhelmingly large, considering the state has 30,000 plus employees.

“Our goal is not to have zero complaints our goal is to have zero incidents,” Platt said.

Platt said no employee was terminated over sexual harassment complaints nor has the state paid out any settlements.

How Colorado companies compare with other state governments is a bit tricky to understand. Some state governments do not track the data.

Minnesota has averaged about five complaints per year over the last several years.

Florida is averaging $300,000 worth of sexual harassment settlements each year.

Sexual harassment training is offered each year to employees according to Platt.

The General Assembly will be discussing sexual harassment policies at length during the upcoming General Assembly session.