54 buildings destroyed by Cameron Peak Fire, residents unsure if homes survived

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LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — At least 54 buildings have been destroyed by the Cameron Peak Fire, according to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Approximately 25 of those are homes, including at least two used as full-time residences. 
Evacuations remain in place, as homeowners in the area wait to find out if their homes are impacted

“We kind of just have to wait and see I guess,” Maya Bartmann says. “It’s kind of all you can do.”
Bartmann evacuated her home in the Upper Buckhorn area off County Road 44H last week, and is unsure if her home is still standing.

“At least we got everything out that we really cared about. We got all the pets out, we got the important plants out, we got all our stuff that we needed, so I think we’re just thankful for that,” Bartmann says. 

Firefighters have been able to take a more aggressive approach over the weekend, thanks to recent snowfall. Containment remains at 4%.

“Four percent seems like such a small amount,” Public Information Officer Cass Cairns says, “But when you start putting into perspective that the fire perimeter is 237 miles long, that’s a lot of area.”

Cairns says firefighters have been focusing on protecting homes, while trying to keep hotspots from flaring up. 

Concern is growing that additional resources will be hard to come by, should the fire flare up.

“As far as getting in additional resources, it will be extremely hard to do so, because of what’s happening in the Pacific Northwest and California,” Cairns says. 

Residents like Maya Bartmann are unsure when they’ll be allowed back in, but are hoping for an update on their homes soon. 

“I’m trying to stay kind of in the middle so I’m not disappointed if it’s burned,” she says. “If it isn’t, I’m going to be really happy.”

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