5280 Home shares tips on how to xeriscaping your yard

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Michelle Johnson, the editor of 5280 Home magazine says it’s never too soon to think about your garden.

In the latest issue of 5280 Home, Michelle clears up some common misconception about xeriscaping.

For example:

Myth: Xeriscaping requires zero water use. 

Truth: It all depends on what kind of plants you want to add to your garden. Some will require no added water, others may require more. New plantings especially need a good amount of water in order to get acclimated to their new home. Research is key. 

Myth: Xeriscaping means your yard will be full of cacti, rocks, and dust. 

Truth: Minimal water requirements doesn’t have to mean a lack of color in the garden. A xeriscaped yard can be full of colorful and fragrant plants, flowers, and shrubs like serviceberry trees, penstemons, ornamental grasses, and hellebores.

Myth: Xeriscaping is only for modern, minimalist-style homes. 

Truth: It doesn’t imply a particular style and there are no rigid rules around this. We’ve talked to local landscaping companies who have done xeriscaping in formal Victorian gardens. 

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