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LAKEWOOD, Colo. – A little girl is recovering from serious injuries after what should have been a fun day out with her dad.

Five-year-old Sarah Maynes and her father James were shopping for a movie and a toy at Target in Edgewater last Tuesday.

“We’re leaving the store and some lady just turned right into the crosswalk,” James told FOX31.

He says they were in the large crosswalk right in front of the front doors when the SUV hit them both. James says he was hit on his left hip area and thrown back about ten feet.

“I just immediately looked for [Sarah] and I saw her trapped underneath the tire,” he said.

He says the car rolled up his daughter’s left leg and stopped on her stomach and left arm for about ten seconds before the driver backed up.

“She wasn’t breathing at first and there was a lot of blood,” James said.

Sarah only weighs about 30 pounds. The weight of the car caused all of the blood vessels in her eyes to pop. According to her parents, she also suffered a broken collar bone, collapsed lung, bruised liver and a concussion.

“I was brave,” the little girl told FOX31.

She spent several days in the ICU before being released from the hospital. She still has a lot of healing left but is on the road to recovery.

Sarah is an only child. Her parents lost their first child just two days after the baby was born.

“We prayed for her and waited for her for a long time and to have something like this happen to where she could be gone that quick is not right,” James said.

The crash is still under investigation. Edgewater Police say until it is complete they cannot release the identity of the driver or say if that person will face any charges.

Maynes believes his daughter is a victim of distracted driving and says the accident could have been prevented.

“That is my opinion just because of the fact that she didn’t see us until she saw me flying back,” he said. “We were clearly right in the crosswalk so there was something that had to distract her.”

Now he wants to share Sarah’s story as a lesson for other drivers to be more careful behind the wheel.

“She means so much to me and I’m sure there’s a lot of parents out there and their kids mean so much to them and that’s the last thing you want to have happen,” he said. “Really nothing is as important as staying focused while you’re driving.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for the child’s medical expenses.