DENVER (KDVR) — Bringing your garden or lawn back to life will likely cost more this spring compared to previous years.

Garden centers are feeling the effects of inflation. Trela Phelps is the general manager at City Floral in Denver. Phelps estimates prices are up about 5% to 10% compared to this time last season.

“It’s very hard to get things to grow in. We are a grower retailer so we grow a lot of things we sell and it was very difficult to get pots and soil and those type of things,” said Phelps.

Phelps says they tried buying early as much as possible to avoid passing higher costs along to consumers.

Five ways to save on garden & landscaping

1. Reuse and refreshen old soil

Phelps says soil is the number one item that will cost more this season along with fertilizer. Buying in bulk won’t necessarily cut costs, since the price hike is largely due to higher delivery costs.

“You can refreshen the soil you have in your pots, just add some compost or just touch those up. Not replacing large amounts of soil is helpful. Unfortunately, some people like to make their own mix and that’s become a little more costly since those ingredients aren’t cheap any longer,” Phelps said.

2. Avoid overbuying

Phelps recommends only buying what you can plant in a single day.

“Sometimes people get really excited, they take plants home and they leave them on the porch and they die because they forget to water them,” she said.

3. Grow plants from seeds

Growing from seeds will save on initial costs but will take time and patience. Phelps warns it can also lead to greater water usage.

4. Know which plants will and won’t work in your space

The pandemic drew more people to try gardening or landscaping for the first time. Phelps says educating yourself properly will help avoid unnecessary costs.

“I think it’s really important that you’re putting the right materials, laying them down whether it’s a mulch, or putting the right plant in the right area. We want to make sure you’re successful so we’re water conscious and doing the right type of planting for this environment we’re in,” Phelps said.

5. Pay attention to weekly specials

It’s unlikely you’ll find clearance items in garden centers during the busy season, Phelps says. Instead, she recommends paying close attention to weekly specials and taking advantage of them.

“When it gets to April and May, we’re really trying to have the best stuff on the floor at the time,” Phelps said.