With Fall here and winter quickly approaching, now is a good time to explore proactive steps you can take with your fitness and nutrition routines to help your immune system. Cristin Miles, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach over at Life Time’s Cherry Creek location shares her 5 simple tips to boost your immune system.

Cristin recommends to add a few supplements into your daily routine like a multivitamin. Multivitamin is the easiest way to dramatically improve your nutrient intake and that includes magnesium and vitamin D.

Magnesium helps regulate inflammation –this can help normalize blood sugar and blood pressure to decrease risk of heart disease.

Vitamin D is the most common micronutrient deficiency, and this is problematic because several studies have found low levels associated with more severe cases of illness like the flu or COVID-19. It’s also hard to get enough Vitamin D from food alone. So be sure to get enough sun or supplement with it

Another tip is to move daily. Moderate exercise can benefit your immune system by reducing stress and stimulating changes in white blood cell function. Strength training and moderate cardio workouts are critical to help circulate immune cells. At Life Time, this is a place where we have options for everyone to move – whether it’s with our training classes, pickleball, or expansive training floor.

Cristin’s fourth tip is to control your stress. Take rest breaks in your day and practice stress-reduction daily through yoga or meditation. Stress results in inflammation and can also disrupt sleep quality, which can hamper immune health.

Last, but certainly not least is to limit inflammatory foods, which are alcohol, sugars and sweeteners. These items can slow down your immune system.

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