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KEENESBURG, Colo. — New rescued African lions from Peru are soon to be home on the eastern plains of Colorado, at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg.

“We have been getting about 100 acres of new habitat ready for the new lion pride,” said Pat Craig—whose idea it was to come up with a sanctuary for carnivores. “This will bring our lion population to just over a hundred.”

Companies such as Walmart donate 20,000 pounds of food a week to keep these wild animals healthy. From lions to tigers to bears and more, this facility is a wonderful place for these often mistreated animals, to live out their lives with the respect they deserve.

“We have a wonderful network of friends, who continually step up to help with all types of projects,” said Craig. “We are building a new 48,000 square-foot welcome center, we are expanding our sky-walk over the habitat another half mile. We hope to purchase some additional land just north of where the lions from Peru will be housed.”

About 200,000 people visited the sanctuary last year, meaning the facility has outgrown the old welcome center. The new center will offer food, an interactive video center and more.

If you would like to help the animals, simply log on to the Wild Animal Sanctuary website.