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DENVER — The Colorado Department of Transportation and Colorado State Patrol joined local law enforcement on Halloween weekend and arrested 250 drivers for impaired driving, CDOT announced Friday.

CDOT’s “The Heat is On” campaign ran from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2.

Seventy-eight local law enforcement agencies pitched in with sobriety checkpoints, heightened patrols and more, CDOT said.

The number of arrests is down from last Halloween, in which 329 drivers were arrested for DUI.

By region, the numbers reflect where the most arrests took place. Forty-five of the 250 arrests were made by the Colorado State Patrol. The police departments with the most arrests were Denver (50), Colorado Springs (34) and Aurora (36).

“Unfortunately, hundreds of drivers got behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs and they are now dealing with the real-life nightmare of a DUI arrest,” Colorado State Patrol Col. Scott Hernandez said. “Thankfully those drivers were removed from our roadways, which enhanced the safety for not only themselves but other motorists on the road over Halloween weekend.”