2020 worst year yet for Colorado fires over 10,000 acres

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DENVER (KDVR) – Colorado isn’t necessarily having more fires or burning more acres than previous years, but the the largest fires are burning bigger.

The East Troublesome fire, now the second largest in Colorado history, is only part of a trend this year of large fires.

According to Rocky Mountain Coordination Area Records, 2020 is a worse year for big fires than each of the decades preceding it.

It has produced more fires over 10,000 acres than any of the last 20 years except 2002 and 2018, and burned far more acres than both of their combined large fires.

This year has produced four of the 20 worst Colorado fires in the last 20 years. Together, the Cameron Peak, East Troublesome, Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek fires have burned almost as many acres as the biggest fires from the 2010s combined. They’ve burned more acres than all the biggest fires of the 2000s combined.

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