2 pit bulls found decapitated in western Colorado


(Photos courtesy Christin Ormon)

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ORCHARD MESA, Colo. — Two dogs missing from western Colorado were found decapitated on railroad tracks a few miles from home, the Daily Sentinel reported.

The owner, Christin Ormond, reported B.B. and Calypso missing on Monday night on a Facebook page for lost and missing pets in Mesa County. Ormond told the Daily Sentinel she thought they jumped the back fence and ran off.

A couple out for a walk reportedly found the mutilated pit bulls on Wednesday evening. Ormand told the paper it appeared B.B.’s legs had been burned and Calypso had deep puncture wounds.

“There’s someone (out there) that is really sick in the head,” the paper quoted Ormand as saying.

What happened to the dogs is still a mystery. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office said there is no evidence the dogs were intentionally killed and there is no direct evidence the dogs were tied down, the Daily Sentinel reported.

On Facebook, Ormond thanked everyone who helped find her dogs.

“(A)nd the ones who actually came out to the site and helped me retrieved them, a very special thank you to you three,” Ormond wrote. “I could not have done it myself.

“I need to add another HUGE THANK YOU to the lost and found pets community for raising all of the money for the cremation services so that we can have our fur babies back with us.”

Ormond told the Daily Sentinel she is working with Union Pacific railroad officials to review video footage that might help determine what happened.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office said it has no suspects and no leads, the Daily Sentinel reported.

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