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DENVER — Two students at Lincoln Elementary School in Denver’s Washington Park West neighborhood were taken to a hospital after they were pricked by used needles found in a stairwell.

According to Lincoln Elementary’s website, several students found used drug syringes in a stairwell outside the custodial office near the playground on Tuesday.

The parents of the two students who were pricked took them to the hospital for testing.

Lincoln’s website states the stairwell is off-limits for students.

“During the school day, orange cones are placed in the area in front of the stairwell and students have been told that they are never to go into that area. Additionally, we have an adult supervising that area during recess,” the school’s website states.

The statement goes on to say that more needs to be done to ensure children do not go into the stairwell.

“We have put orange, temporary mesh fencing in front of the stairwell and we have contacted DPS Facilities and Safety Departments to determine a permanent solution to this problem. DPD and DPS Safety Officers will be patrolling the neighborhood around the school more frequently,” the statement reads.

The statement did not disclose the condition of the children who were pricked by the syringes.