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WARNING: This story may be disturbing or graphic to some readers.  

FT. COLLINS, Colo. — Two Larimer County Sheriff’s Office corrections deputies were assaulted by an inmate, last Friday.

Larimer County Officer David Moore said, jail supervisors decided to move inmate William Scott Pettigrew to a more secure housing assignment after he damage the wall in his cell.

Pettigrew tore apart a vent cover to use a metal piece to scrape away mortar between the cinder blocks in his cell.

After deputies told Pettigrew he would be moved, he said he wouldn’t go willingly and he would fight deputies if they tried to move him, Moore said.

For protection, the jail activated the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) to move Pettigrew instead.  Members of SERT wear special protective equipment and have specialized training for combative inmates.

SERT members asked Pettigrew to comply with the removal, but he refused and said he would fight them.

Pettigrew punched and kicked the SERT members and then punched two deputies in the face before being Tazed, Moore said.

At that point, he was restrained and successfully moved to a more secure location.

The deputies assaulted by Pettigrew suffered from swollen jaws, eyes, and a bloody nose, Moore said.  He also attempted to bite a deputy.

As a result of the fight, Pettigrew also had swollen and bloody knuckles, reported Moore.