UPDATE: ‘Irregularities’ in sprinkler brackets caused 1STBANK Center closure

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. — It was a good start to Bassnectar’s 3-day “Freestyle Sessions” on Friday night, in the eyes of fans.

“It was a great time with all my friends. I didn’t think he was going to be able to top that,” said Olivia Bright, who purchased tickets for all three concerts.

The next day, though, word quickly spread that Saturday’s show at the 1STBANK Center was cancelled.

“Who knows what went wrong. But it was very upsetting for people who were traveling from out of town,” said Bright.

Most people heard the news on social media, from Bassnectar—telling fans the venue was closed due to a sudden and unexpected systems malfunction.

“We really didn’t get anything from 1STBANK [Center] unfortunately,” Bright told FOX31.

1STBANK Center told FOX31 they would send a press release out on Monday, but never did.

They have not released any details about the unexpected closure, though fans have their own ideas about what happened.

“We heard there were some issues with lights inside the building, and that they fell down,” said Art Almeida, who purchased tickets for all three days of Freestyle Sessions.

“I’m very curious. We all think it’s conspiracy theories. We don’t know what’s going on,” Bright said, laughing. “I’d love to know what the real deal is,” she added.

Bassnectar had secured a new venue for the Sunday show at the Denver Coliseum.

Fans say the show was arguably better that Friday’s, despite less lights and more heat.

“There was no AC, but we were there for the music,” said Almeida.

“It made us all just let loose, focus on the music, and be together. It was awesome,” Bright told FOX31.

A refund will be issued for ticket holders from Saturday’s show, who couldn’t go Sunday.

But for fans who paid for all three days of “Freestyle Sessions,” they’re still left to wonder whether a refund is coming.

“I got a notice from 1STBANK today, announcing the new shows they’re showing, [saying] ’buy tickets for this.’ And it’s like, ‘I’m not buying tickets for this!’ I want to know what happened first before I go back,” Almeida explained.

“If Bassnectar comes back and does it at 1STBANK, I’d definitely go back,” he added.

UPDATE: Peak Entertainment, the promotion company for 1STBANK Center, issued a statement on Tuesday that said “irregularities” in the venue’s sprinkler brackets caused the closure.

Here’s the statement in full:

“After Friday’s concert at 1STBANK Center, the venue’s operations team conducted its standard after-event building inspection and found irregularities in a few isolated brackets on the sprinkler support system. While the issues found were minor and relatively easy to fix, the determination was made that the repairs should be addressed at that time and all sprinkler support brackets should be inspected. Staging and concert production left a large part of the venue inaccessible to review, so all parties determined, in an abundance of caution, to move the concert to the Denver Coliseum. While there was no immediate risk to any of the venue’s concert-goers or employees, 1STBANK Center prioritizes a top-functioning and safe facility and will be fully operational for its next event, the June 23 Impractical Jokers concert.”

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