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THORNTON, Colo. — A mother is outraged after two hit-and-run drivers struck her son while he was riding his bike in Thornton.

Both incidents happened over the course of a couple of months.

Elijah Whitelaw, 14, wasn’t injured in either accident, but his mother said she can’t stop imagining what could have happened.

“It scared him to death and it scared me to death,” Angela Lara said. “Momma bear came out. I was pretty upset. I can’t imagine what kind of person thinks that’s OK. I don’t care what you hit. You hit someone’s tree, you stop.”

The first hit-and-run happened during the summer at East 120th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Lara was with her son and said he was in the crosswalk following traffic laws when a gray truck hit his front tire and kept driving.

“He just drove away, didn’t say anything,” Elijah said.

The second hit-and-run happened in the past month at East 116th Avenue and Holly Street as Elijah was riding his bike to school.

“I was kind of shaky. I didn’t know what had happened at first,” Elijah said.

Lara got a call at work that Elijah had been hit.

“I was immediately in tears and I was in tears all day long. All I could think was, is my baby OK? Thank God he is, but someone could have taken those 10 extra seconds to make sure everything was clear before they drove out into the intersection,” she said.

The family filed a police report but don’t suspect either driver will be caught.

“Stop and slow down, and if you hit somebody, please stop,” Lara said. “If you had killed him, was it worth it? Did you make it to work on time?”