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DENVER — People who look at Jericho Curry see different things.

Some see a healthy young boy like his grandparents. “He’s just been very thin from the beginning. He was a happy normal kid,” said Jericho’s grandfather.

But the state of Colorado sees Jericho as a victim of an attempted homicide.

In December of last year Alicia Zamaro took Jericho to the hospital. But the hospital never let Jericho leave and even called authorities.

At 12 months old, Jericho weighed only ten pounds and doctors told police he was severely malnourished and had been seriously injured.

His grandparents still don’t believe it. “Being the fact that he was two pounds and we experienced a prior premature baby, it wasn’t a super concern,” said Carol Gonzales, his grandmother.

Last week police searched the family’s home and saw what we saw, plenty of food around and a home filled with all things you would expect from a loving family.

“We right away felt like (investigators) had guns blazing, pointing them at Alicia, making her out to be a horrid mother.”

Even so, the 22-year-old mother of three is charged with attempted murder.

The family is no longer allowed to see Jericho. He’s now in the custody of human services. The family says they are prepared to fight.