Sponsored Segment by Wanderling

New moms and dads out there, listen up! What if we told you there was a new, better, more comfortable and stylish way to hold your baby? Well, one Colorado woman, owner of “Wanderling” has the solution, and you’re going to love it! So, who better to help show off how this jacket works than the new mom herself, GDC reporter/producer, Jenna Middaugh, and her 4 month-old baby, Kessler!

‘Wanderling’ has a special offer for our great day Colorado viewers. Use promo code “Great Day” now through mother’s day for 15-percent off the baby wearing jacket.
Plus, they’re partnering with ‘Hike it Baby,’ a non-profit that educates and promotes outdoor activities for families nationwide.
‘Wanderling’ will be at the ‘Hike it’ baby booth at the Big Gear Show on June 10th and 11th.
tickets are 10-dollars, click here to buy them.

To learn more about ‘Wanderling,’ click here.