Sponsored Segment by Post Oak Barbeque

They say everything is bigger and better in Texas, and no where is that more true than ‘Post Oak Barbecue’.
It’s authentic Texas barbecue, and today, we had General Manager, Cole Rusich, in studio this morning to show us how to make a show-stopping plate full of their popular meats!

Post Oak Barbecue‘ is hosting a special event next month. They’re doing a special bottle release of a 7 year cask strength whiskey in collaboration with Ben Holladay.
There will be three courses, three cocktails and the master distiller himself will be present to explain everything that went in to its inception.
Tickets cost 175-dollars, which comes with one bottle per ticket, it’s happening Monday, September 18th at 4 at the restaurant on Tennyson.
Get tickets online by clicking here, then head to the ‘order online’ section or call 303-458-1555.