Sponsored Segment by My Place Pediatrics

Today, we’re taking you to a place that provides quality medical care for kids and particularly, those who see the world through a different lens, grow at a different speed, and experience what they feel on a more profound level. That is the mission of ‘My Place Pediatrics’ in Golden, Colorado. A space with a special approach that allows for healthcare to be convenient and accessible. GDC Host, Spencer Thomas, got the chance to catch up with Dr. Sheila Tann, to learn more about what sets her practice apart from all the others.

Their memberships cost about $90.00 a month for unlimited visits, free in-house lab testing, and reduced prescription pricing. If you mention this segment, they’ll waive the $125.00 registration fee for new members. They also offer in-home 4th trimester care packages for newborns and allergy testing with oral drop therapy instead of shots.
Give them a call at 720-432-0244 or click here.