Sponsored Segment by Crisp & Green

Crisp & Green is set to expand to more locations of their healthy-food restaurant. The Minnesota-based fast casual restaurant offering chef-crafted, healthy fare is opening its third location this fall and more locations in the future.

Lily Smith who is a CO-Founder of Crisp & Green shares with us a few of Crisp & Green’s signature dishes and why her bowls are a fan favorite.

Beyond providing nutritious and convenient salads, grain bowls and smoothies to the community, CRISP & GREEN is also known for its community-driven partnerships with local fitness and wellness studios to offer complimentary classes, typically held at the restaurant where all levels of fitness are always welcome to join. Through its mix of healthy meals and physical exercise, the brand aims to promote a culture of living and eating well, or “Living Crisp.”

For more information on Crips & Green, visit www.crispandgreen.com.

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