Sponsored Segment by Ageless Expressions Medspa

It is the newest treatment at Ageless Expressions Medspa called Evoke. It burns fat and tightens the skin. You can treat the chin, the jaw, anywhere on the lower face. Evoke heats the tissue up and it kills the fat that is naturally flushed out by your body. The heat also contours the skin in the area. No downtime, no bruising, no needles. Paula did six Evoke treatments on her face and loves the results! Also ask about the Morpheus8, Joana did that treatment and was able to get back to work on air after two days. Call today for a consult to see which treatment is best for you.

Call 1-844-724-3537 now to book your appointment. They’re located in Littleton and also have a new office in Golden.  Or go online to agelessexpressionsmedspa.com.