Sponsored Segment by InkMD

Living in Colorado, we should all prioritize taking care of our skin in this dry and sunny climate.
but have you ever thought about how to treat your skin if you have tattoos?
Get this, there has never been a dermatologist-designed or recommended product for tattooed skin, until now!
Dr. Tyler O. Vukmer is a local board-certified dermatologist who has a unique appreciation for the science of skin medicine and the art of tattooing. He created ‘InkMD,’ a credible brand of premium tattoo care products, all of which he personally formulated with the goal of improving tattoo care and outcomes.

GDC’s Spencer Thomas and Chris Tomer, caught up with Dr. Vukmer to learn more about why he created this line and how you can try it out for yourself!

InkMD has a great deal just for our Great Day Colorado viewers, you can get $10.00 off any ‘InkMD Kit’ if you enter the promo code “GDC 10” at the check out online!

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