The ‘Be Beautiful Be Yourself’ Fashion Show kicks off in the Mile High City come November 12th, but the GDC team was lucky enough to feature four shining stars on our show today for a sneak preview at all the fun! This event benefits Global Down Syndrome Foundation and is the largest fundraiser for Down Syndrome in the entire world. Great Day Colorado had the opportunity to learn more about the mission behind the show from Co-founder and President of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Michelle Sie Whitten, and Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Program and University of Colorado’s Alzheimer’s and Cognition Center, Dr. Huntington Potter.

To celebrate, we hosted a mini fashion show in our Channel 2 Studios today, starring two local, amazing models, 9-year-old, Maayan Omran, and 19-year-old, Charles Moylan, who rocked the studio runway ahead of the big event.

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