Sponsored Segment by Sense of Security

Did you know, in America, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer?
Helping women through this tough journey is ‘Sense of Security,’ and they’ve been helping patients in Colorado since 2000.

Their ‘A Splash of Pink’ event benefiting Colorado breast cancer patients’ is happening next month and today we had a special preview on GDC.

Sense of Security’s ‘A Splash of Pink’ benefiting Colorado breast cancer patients’ presented by Empower is Friday, September 22nd at 6pm.
It’s at ‘Baldoria on the Water’ in Lakewood.
Tickets are available at senseofsecurity.org for $150 regularly, but GDC viewers can enter the code ‘gdc23’ for a $25 discount.
Young professionals (under 35) can attend for $90 and former grantees for $75. Twofers are also available for $250.