Sponsored Segment by Presenting Denver

Get ready to get moving!
Today, we’re talking about the ‘2023 Presenting Denver Dance Festival’.

Presenting Denver curates once in a lifetime experiences that push the boundaries of what dance is, how we consume it and how we can present it and the festival kicks off next Saturday.
Here to tell us more about it was ‘Marisa Hollingsworth,’ Executive and Artistic Director of Presenting Denver, along with a performance from Wild Heart Dance.

Check out ‘Wild heart Dance’ and all of the other amazing companies that will be performing at the ‘2023 Presenting Denver Dance Festival’.
It’s happening next Saturday and Sunday in the ‘Byron Theatre’ co-presented by the Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts.
You can get 25% off your tickets using code ‘p-d-d-f 25’ at checkout.

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