Sponsored Segment by Colorado Gerontological Society

This year is your chance to make the most out of life, and if you’re over the age of 60, this information will help you a lot!
The Colorado Gerontologial society prides themselves on providing information, education and training about health equity for older adults.
They’re getting ready to host their 34th Annual “Salute to Seniors” Expo this Saturday.
it’s a great opportunity to learn more about what they do…and guests can even enjoy the sights of some rare classic cars!
GDC’s Jenna Middaugh was live telling us more about the event and the cars you can expect to see!

You can learn more about the Colorado Gerontological Society and a number of other organizations that support families at the 34th Annual “Salute to Seniors” event.
It’s happening this Saturday, May 20th at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.
you can also tune in virtually on May 21st.
It’s free to attend, and you can learn more online by clicking here.