We started our show out this morning with a fascinating story centered around one famous Colorado family.

Margaret “Molly” Brown was one of the most famous Coloradans of all time, known for her heroic actions when the titanic sank.
She overshadowed her husband, J.J., whose grit led to the largest gold strike in Colorado at the time in 1892.

GDC’s Spencer Thomas and Chris Tomer spoke with author, Jody Pritzl, who has served at the Molly Brown Museum since 2018 and was inspired to learn more about Molly Brown’s husband. Now, five years and thousands of documents later, she published ‘Gold-Fated Family: J.J. Brown Husband of Margaret “Molly” Brown.’
Jody and Stephanie McGuire, who is ‘The Molly Brown House Museum Curator,’ talked about the museum, the book, and the fascinating lives of the famed Brown family.

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