We’ve all heard the term ‘fresh food,’ but in reality, by time food is picked on a farm and in the hands of a chef and on your plate, it can be days, sometimes weeks! There’s one restaurant group in Denver that is completely redefining that process by growing thousands of greens a week to be used in just hours.

It’s all possible thanks to Colorado-based Beat Box farms. It’s a 320 square foot vertical hydroponic farm that is housed in an upcycled shipping container right behind Vital Root on Tennyson Street. The Beat Box Farms yields up to 2.5 acres of farmland annually, and has the capability to grow 7,800 plants at the same time while using 99% less water than traditional farms. This box grows greens for five local restaurants; Linger, Ophelia’s, Vital Root, El Five and Root Down, which are all part of the ‘Edible Beats Group.’

GDC’S Angelica Lombardi visited the Beat Box Farms to see first hand how it works and why it’s being called ‘the next wave of growing food!’