DENVER (KDVR) — The votes are in, and here are the results for the ballot items Coloradans voted on in the November 2023 election. This election addressed issues like property taxes, nicotine tax and preschool tax and decided some school board members.

Prop HH: Reduced property taxes – FAILED

Proposition HH would have allowed the state to reduce the refunds given under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, keeping and spending some additional excess revenue. That money would have gone to schools, with a portion also going to local governments to offset losses in property tax revenue.

The measure lost shortly after the polls closed on Tuesday, with a majority voting no.

Prop II: Using nicotine tax money for pre-K – PASSED

Proposition II deals with taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products approved by voters in 2020. Analysts underestimated how much it would take in so, under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, voters needed to be asked if the state could keep the extra money taxes brought in in the first year, including interest.

Voters in Colorado passed Proposition II, allowing the state to keep $23.65 million in tax revenue collected from cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products, and use it for preschool programs.

Denver Question 2P: Taxes to fund Denver Preschool Program

Denver Question 2P asked voters if they wanted to extend the 0.15% sales and use tax used to fund the Denver Preschool Program. Initially, the tax was set to expire on Dec. 31, 2026.

Unofficial results as of Wednesday night showed strong support for the measure, with more than 77.5% of voters in favor.

Boulder Ballot Question 302- Safe Zones 4 Kids – PASSED

The citizen-initiated charter amendment would prohibit items from being within a radius of 500 feet from a school property line or within 50 feet on both sides of any multi-use path or sidewalk. These items include propane tanks, temporary structures and tents.

As of Wednesday, the measure passed with a majority of those in favor of prohibiting the items.

Denver Public Schools Board of Education

Director At-Large

John Youngquist declared victory on election night for Denver school board’s Director At-Large. Youngquist’s campaign said opponent Kwame Spearman called to concede, with results showing he had nearly 26% of the vote.

The race did not have an incumbent running, as Auon’tai Anderson, the previous seatholder, has announced plans to run for state house.

Director District 1

Incumbent Scott Baldermann and Kimberlee Sia were running against each other for Director District 1. District 1 includes DPS schools like Asbury Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson High School and the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning.

Sia had taken more than 55% of the vote as of Wednesday evening.

Director District 5

Incumbent Charmaine Lindsay is facing Marlene De La Rosa and Adam Slutzker for Director District 5. District 5 is a large district that includes DPS schools like Denver Montessori Junior and Senior High, West High School and North High School.

De La Rosa took 59% of the vote, according to unofficial results on Wednesday.