DENVER (KDVR) — There is only a week left until Halloween, and Denver metro area homes are gearing up for a very spooky season.

The Mile High City is glowing with decorations that range from 8-foot-tall skeletons to motion sensors and talking statues.

Some of the homes in Denver have every decoration imaginable.

The house featured in the first photo of the gallery has a larger-than-life scarecrow skeleton that talks when you walk past it. Right next to it, you will see a graveyard, but look closer at the scene in the fifth photo.

There is a headstone with a freshly buried grave that rises and falls like it’s breathing.

Other houses stick to a single theme, like the house in the second photo. This home portrays a scene from “Stranger Things” with Eleven battling the Demogorgon.

Another house in the third photo went with a pirate theme and stuck to decorations like pirate skeletons and under the sea creatures.

The house in the third photo is set up with a specific goal. It’s participating in a nationwide fundraiser to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. There is a sign outside the house with a QR code to donate.

If you’re on the hunt for Halloween houses in Denver, there are plenty of ways to find them. There’s an app called “FrightFinder” which marks haunted houses and the most decorated houses around Denver.

There’s also a website called Colorado Haunted Houses which gives you the address to other decorated houses in Colorado.

Even without these tools, it doesn’t take much to find a decorated house in Denver. If you drive around after dark, you’re bound to see a house decorated to the extreme. All you have to do is look.