DENVER (KDVR) — Some Denver houses are already decked out for Halloween while others are still enjoying the 80-degree summer weather. If you’re wondering when it’s time to transition, the answer is now.

FOX31 asked viewers about the appropriate time to set up Halloween decorations. The good news is you’re right on time.

According to Facebook comments, most Halloween decor is going up this weekend or has already gone up. The decorating time ranges from two weeks ago, around Sept. 13, to this Sunday, Oct. 1.

Of course, there are always the Halloween fanatics who put up the haunted decor right around Labor Day.

“I started decorating for Halloween the first week of September. It goes by so fast you got to do it a month early,” commented Jaime Garcia.

But you’re not the last one if you’re yard isn’t up to spooky standards. There’s also the last-minute crowd that puts decorations up right before kids trick-or-treat.

“I LOVE DECORATING FOR HALLOWEEN… but I’m lazy, so the week before is good enough for me!” commented Amy Taylor.

For the most part, this weekend is when the neighborhood starts to look scarier.

“Last week of September!! We put a lot of work into it so we like it to be up for a month! We start at the end of September and add a thing or two more each week leading up to Halloween,” wrote Michelle Schell-Muir.

Most FOX31 viewers are putting up decorations from late September to the very start of October.

Despite the warm weather, Oct. 1 is this weekend. While it may not feel like fall, Denver neighborhoods are beginning to look spooky.